The impact of an Adventure Together can be greatly amplified through the support of one of our consultants. Think of it as booking a guide for your group's adventure!

Our consultants will tailor a support package that can take your leadership team, leaders, families and students on a road that allows you to create a vision and ministry plan for your church or organization that has co-creating at the core.

We use processes, techniques ,and knowledge built over 20 years of ministry and fine-tuned while implementing transformational vision for churches in the USA and UK, both at the smallest of churches and for whole national denominations.

Our consulting events can include one or more of these elements:

  • Speaking to large groups about the Adventure Together.
  • Listening events that consult with leaders, church members, the community, parents and students (Target groups decided on prior to visit).
  • An Adventure Together Vision and Development Profile for you to use to transform your ministry.
  • Training sessions to equip your church.
  • On-going video conferencing support and mentoring.

If you want to know more, then feel free to contact us!


We create workshops that are engaging, generate vision and make sure that all participants are able to leave with new tools and practices that inspire their next week of ministry and beyond!

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