More than just a Camp Speaker

When you book an Adventure Together camp speaker, we include teaching, group curriculum and activities built around our core values of co-creating adventures. 

How it works

We begin with a free consultation that allows us to get to know your camp and wider ministry. This allows us to develop a plan for before, during and after camp so that we are able to co-create a plan that will kick-start your ministry for the next year. When we get to your camp, our speaker will work with your team and work in a relational way with everyone involved.

Fully Tailored for you

We want to work with you to create an authentic experience for your whole church. This can include an on-site Consultation weekend even before you get to camp where we can train and equip your leadership team. After camp we deliver ongoing development opportunities either on-site or using video conferencing.

So how much does this all cost?

Again, we want to work with your church and the budget. Our final costing will depend on what level of speaking package, curriculum and consultation that you would like as part of your Adventure Together package.

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