"If we can unlock the creativity of our students and give them  permission to take holy, God-centered risks we get to share in an  adventure beyond our imagination.  By co-creating our ministries our  limits are pushed and our understanding expanded.  It can be an awesome,  scary and audacious adventure."

Carl has worked in church-based  ministry for almost 18 years.  After first connecting with God as a  teenager, he tried to navigate church from completely outside  church-culture and church language.  This has led to a desire is to  provide students with the simplest path to connect with God.

He  has worked both within the local church and supporting the development  of youth ministry in churches across the North-West of England.

One  of his main areas of professional development is youth participation,  involving students in the decision-making process. This is what  co-creating student ministry is all about.


“My mission is to encourage and empower people of all ages to know who  they are in God’s kingdom.  I just love being part of the process of  helping people discover their gifts, and then watching them use those  gifts to do something unique and amazing...

Rachel has a degree in Church Music and  Youth Ministry from Point Loma Nazarene University, and has been serving  children, students, and families for over fifteen years.  With a  background in creative communication and pastoral care for young ages,  Rachel loves to teach the Bible stories in ways that connect with  children and students and challenges them to put their faith into  action, and to equip leaders to go out and change their world.


If you want to be part of the team, let us know. We are looking for contributors for the Adventure Together!