Adventure Together

Co-Creating Adventures in Faith

Adventure Together

Co-Creating Adventures in Faith

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A Real Challenge

This is the story of the underestimated, the misunderstood, the left behind and the lost.  In the face of a ministry culture that sees over 50% of students walk away from their faith during college, we must adapt our ministry models from attracting, telling and teaching...towards involving.

We could  settle for the inevitability of students moving away from church, hoping that they will come back later in life...


A Real Opportunity

...or we could commit to an Adventure Together that is proven to make a difference and helps student to develop a long-lasting faith. 

Adventure Together is about not thinking  that we simply  tell student what to believe, but rather we have a whole horizon of things that we could  learn together.


This isn't just about student ministry. The adventure starts in the home, in church, as children and as youth. We're offering an adventure that crosses all of this and equips our students to move out beyond dependence on others and towards knowing who they are and importantly who God is...


We want to offer you some free resources that you may find useful. Check back often, as we are continually adding resources.

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